Bravo Bravo!

Bravo Bravo! Setting Bravo restaurant in Puerto Vallarta, a must do, the food was amazing. Everything amazing and have been to the best restaurants and had dinners with some of the best chef’s and I was impressed. I always judge by how they make a Margarita and if was perfection. The order challenged me to …

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Bouganvillia Festival

Puerto Vallarta Bougainvillia Festival is a combination of Music, Food, dance and all the best of local culture, now in its 3rd year, taking place over 3 days from April 30- May 2. The Bougainvillia should be considered the official flower of Puerto Vallarta, or at the very least the most popular Flower, you will …

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History of Halloween

Halloween dates back over 2000 years, a celebration originating with the Celts, a tribal group that dominated central Europe in the Iron Age and spread their culture to Ireland, England and Scotland in the 5th century BC. The Celts were a mystical and superstitious race whose world was closely associated with a nature. All living …

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Casa Aventura

[su_spacer size=”5″] Sweeping views, various entertaining areas and experienced staff make Casa Aventura perfect for families and large groups. This villa is an excellent deal for it’s size, staff and location and a beautiful setting for a destination wedding, corporate retreat or milestone trip. Casa Aventura is on a quiet cul-de-sac in the exclusive upper …

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