Picture of Travel Advisor: Vanessa Cole

Travel Advisor: Vanessa Cole

The owner of the company, Vanessa Cole, lived in Puerto Vallarta for 10 years and Cancun for 2 years. She has worked in Luxury Villa Rentals since 2001.

Why are we compelled to watch Bachelor in Paradise?

Let’s revisit Bachelor in Paradise for a moment.

What is it that draws us in?

We know the participants are actors looking to break into the biz. It reminds me of the old days, when new-to-Hollywood fame seekers auditioned for The Dating Game as a way to get their face in front of the camera.

We also know this is another not-so-real reality show. The conflicts are encouraged to create drama and attract viewers. Why would anyone be so devastated about a relationship that did not gel during a contest? Ok, I get that they are devastated because they will be eliminated from the show if their relationship doesn’t click. But it feels awkward how they rush to get hooked up in a group setting and then treat it with such seriousness. Was I the only one who would’ve dumped Vinny too given the chance? What a sap.

Vinny, pull yourself together, man!


Yes, we know love at first sight is a powerful thing, so maybe the instant connections are sincere (and wildly hormonal).

Now, this is good TV; Ashley’s crying jags felt a little too real.

The couples just never seem as interesting or romantic when they return to the real world. But isn’t that the case with all tropical romances? At the finale of the wrap-up show After Paradise, I got the sense Amanda said to herself: “What was I thinking?” when she got back to LA with pizza-eating Josh.


So that is the answer! It is the exotic setting. You can fall in love much easier in paradise. You are on vacation; your view of the world changes. It is all slightly surreal. Carly had that look on her face while waiting to meet Evan on the beach for the climatic last day proposal: “Imprint this image on my brain for future reference.”


The beauty of nature puts you in a euphoric mood. The ocean and jungle are conducive to romance. I think you could fall in love with Jorge the Bartender in that setting.

jorge-the bartender

We all crave a natural high now and then, a mental health break. If thinking some romance is needed in your life, why not see what Paradise can do for you?

Bachelor in Paradise is filmed at Hotel Playa Escondido in Sayulita, in the state of Nayarit on the Pacific Coast of Mexico, about an hour north of Puerto Vallarta. To get to Sayulita you fly into Puerto Vallarta International Airport and then hire drivers to take you north. Just as each dejected contestant was carted away in a suburban, this is the mode of transportation. Rather than renting a car, let the locals drive you around. Professional transfer companies are reliable and plentiful.

The area has become hugely popular; the surfing village of Sayulita is packed during the winter months, considered high season in the beach resorts of Mexico. Sayulita is ultra bohemian and a bit rustic but with plenty of cool boutiques, trendy outdoor restaurants and a happening bar scene (rustic but happening). You will see lots of dreadlocks and hippie chicks but they are enjoying the scenery just as much as the young professionals, retirees and family groups.   Surfing and paddleboard lessons on the beach are the big draw. There is something for everyone in this lush coastal area of Mexico , known as Riviera Nayarit.

Sayulita Mexico
Sayulita, Riviera Nayarit, Mexico

Vacation rental properties in Riviera Nayarit vary from spectacular estates behind the gates of the Four Seasons in Punta Mita to jungle compounds similar to Hotel Playa Escondido. The infrastructure and services of Riviera Nayarit have developed into an amazing destination offering world-class accommodations.

And just like the most successful couple from the first season of Bachelor in Paradise who returned to Hotel Playa Escondido for a committment ceremony (alas, they split up the following summer) this is still the perfect place to find a venue for a destination wedding with a luxe-boho vibe.

We especially love this 3-villa complex on the hill overlooking the town of Sayulita.

Casa Dos Chicos Sayulita 01
Casa Dos Chicos has a bridge connecting two roof top living spaces that feature 360 views

Casa Dos Chicos+Casa Saturno are the 2 event properties; Casita Mimas is the 1 bedroom guest house at Casa Saturno. Dos Chicos is the ideal party house with living spaces on the roof tops and bird’s eye views of the Pacific Ocean, jungle covered mountains and the charming village below. Between the three adjacent properties, you will be able to sleep 24 of your wedding guests.

We are also a big fan of Villa Valentin. This 8 bedroom retreat was designed for weddings. Excellent layout, multiple terraces, large pool area, pavillions, guest houses and covered open-air lounge areas with ocean views on one side and jungle on the other, Valentin is located less than 3 miles south of Sayulita. It has that highly sought after boho-chic style everyone wants in a Destination Wedding.

Villa Valentin in Sayulita sleeps 18 persons


We love the set-up at Villa Caleta and Villa Violeta, sister properties in neighboring San Pancho. A beautiful jungle beach sits between the two villas which have a total sleeping capacity of 27 persons. A third villa on the same beach, built by the same architect and managed by same staff, allows up to 40 persons total at the 3-villa compound. The perfect head count for a Destination Wedding with everyone booked at one jungle resort.

Villa Violeta Sayulita
Sister villas Violeta and Caleta sleep 27 persons. The beach between them makes an amazing site for a party.

If looking for a little more polish to your nature experience, the beautiful Casa Mis Amores and Rancho Huracan include full staff and other high end amenities. These two villas are located next to Hotel Playa Escondida, just south of Sayulita. Casa Mis Amores even has the word “love” in its name. That would definitely make your wedding invitation frame-worthy.

Rancho Huracan Sayulita_grounds
Picture your wedding here: the grounds at Rancho Huracan


One of the most popular venues in Sayulita is Villa del Oso. With a huge grassy lawn, swaying palms and limitless beach, it was made for a garden wedding.

Villa del Oso wedding 1ae
Villa del Oso in Sayulita

For event planners, we love Sayulita Dream Weddings sense of style. Weddings Vallarta by Barbara is equally loved by the villa owners themselves (translate: no issues pre-or-post-event). Both have years of experience. If your event planner presents you with limited choices, listen to what they are telling you; they know what works and what doesn’t at these secluded jungle venues and small coastal villages.

Destination weddings are so on-trend now that the event planners have had to step up their game, which makes it easy to find a good one. All villas that allow weddings require that the guest hire an event planner. It is essential for long distance planning; any couple considering a destination wedding will be glad they hired a professional to guide them through the process.

The same applies when looking for the venue. Booking a wedding villa through a dedicated rental agent means you can avoid sifting through pages and pages of properties on Trip Advisor and AirBnB.

“Is the property really what it claims to be?”

“Where exactly is it?”

“They are all starting to look alike!!!”

We cull out the best and most appropriate villas for you.

Let the professionals do the research and help you narrow down choices. We are unbiased. We will listen to your criteria and match you with the perfect villa based on our past experience and personal knowledge of the property.

The event planner takes care of the party; we handle the villa reservation. Everybody works hand-in-hand to make it flawless.

Find out what makes the Bachelor in Paradise so compelling by living it yourself. You don’t have to rough it like they do on the set of the show. Book a private villa with staff and let us do some of the work for you.

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