Let’s Wave the Palm On Sunday!

Wave the Palm this Sunday

For Palm Sunday, post an image of a palm branch or favorite greenery from your garden.

We can’t attend church during Holy Week this year, but we can participate spiritually. “We may be physically isolated but not separated”

Palm Sunday commemorates the procession of Jesus into Jerusalem. He had just raised Lazarus from the dead a few days before and everyone was talking about it. By the time he was ready to enter the city, which was filing over the brim for Passover, the buzz was escalating, and the crowds were waiting in line

to see this miracle worker in person. They thought he was there to overthrow Rome. The people enthusiastically waved palm branches, a custom for festive occasions. They called out “Hosanna!”…Save, Us, We Pray.

The celebration didn’t last long. Jesus immediately went to the Temple to call out the commercial enterprises taking place on sacred ground (the saying “Den of Thieves” comes from this event) and the mood began to change. By Thursday he was hosting the Last Supper, instructing the Apostles on the future significance of Bread and Wine and then went to the Garden of Gethsemane to pray while awaiting arrest.

Palm Sunday to this day marks the beginning of Holy Week. Called “Semana Santa” in Mexico, it’s a hugely popular vacation time where everyone goes to the beach, similar to the North American version of Spring Break. And just like up north, in Mexico, young people don’t mind crowding and camping out.

It’s mostly a family affair and people drive in from all points to be near the ocean. Semana Santa 2020 will be different. The beaches in Mexico are closed due to Covid precautions. No one can remember a time that churches were closed for Easter and beaches closed for Semana Santa.

We will look back on this as an era of solidarity and perseverance. We are all still connected. Show your greenery on Palm Sunday to join the millions the world over who will be celebrating this moveable feast from home.


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