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You’ve moved to Puerto Vallarta, and you don’t know any place where you can continue your current hobby. OR, you want to take up something creative to keep you from spending too much time at the beach, drinking margaritas. There are so many opportunities in Puerto Vallarta to find inspiration. Art Vallarta has a variety of classes, everything from copper etching and linocut, to drawing and painting. In three locations, their studios have plenty of space, but if you see a class, you want to take, book it, because they fill up quickly. Tuitions are amazingly inexpensive, compared to the equivalent you might find at a community center or college in the US or Canada. Starting with as low as a $50 pesos fee, ranging to around a hundred US dollars, you cannot beat the price.  Accredited teachers and amateur experts are at your service. Some of the classes offered are watercolor, drawing, acrylic painting and oil; portrait, full live body painting, Plein air painting on the beach; silk painting; doll making classes; fused glass and stained glass; readings and book discussions.

Arte 550, on Hidalgo close to Corona, has unique tile painting classes, sculpture, printmaking, painting in all mediums. Many of these courses are one-day, and some include a delicious lunch. Prices are in dollars, due to the fluctuating peso but none over $200.

Another great opportunity is Fireworks, an all ages studio where you can paint your own design on anything from a pet dish or cookie jar to a coffee mug or picture frame. We have friends who have supplied their entire kitchen with pieces from Fireworks in Puerto Vallarta; plates, bowls, cups, and tumblers.

There are many cooking classes available in Puerto Vallarta, and we recommend any one of them to familiarize yourself with the vast selection of tropical fruits and vegetables; some of which we hadn’t seen before moving to Puerto Vallarta.

Some cooking maestros, such as Arte Culinario by Mavi Graf and Rosie’s Vallarta Cooking, take you in and out of their very own kitchens. They’ll take you shopping to show you which markets are best for fish and meat; produce; wine and liquor. El Arrayan, a local restaurant, holds classes on premise, so you have access to a complete commercial kitchen. The Spanish Experience Center holds classes in Mexican cooking on Thursday afternoons for a nominal $200 pesos per person, located conveniently in El Centro at República de Chile 182. If you want to learn about the local cuisine, you’ll also get a dose of culture in any of these excellent classes.

Spanish classes are a good option to fill up your free time. The above are taught in English, but we recommend you learn the language, even a few basic words. You’ll be proud of yourself and can show off your skills, and your creative pieces to visiting friends!

Que es cómo es.

Thanks to our Guest Blogger Adam Garcia for this great article!  (Opinions expressed are his own…)

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