Puerto Vallarta: Big Box Stores

The Big Box in Paradise

Many of us recall the day Sam’s Club opened in Puerto Vallarta. It was thrilling, to say the least. We clamored to get memberships and gaped at the abundant high shelves, the great prices, and many foreign products not available in other stores throughout Puerto Vallarta.

Then…Costco came to Puerto Vallarta a handful of years later, giving Sam’s a literal run for their money. Competition is always good, whether you’re the competitor of the beneficiary. It drives costs down to a level where they turn over with the rapidity that creates room for restock and new products.

Sam’s Club often opens their door to non-members, just to troll for sign-ups, and we know many who take advantage of this opportunity. One thing we’ve found, there is usually no real preference for one big box store or the other, and most folks shop with convenience in mind and often avail themselves of ride-sharing.

We love hopping over to the Puerto Vallarta Costco for nothing but a piece of pizza, which is the best around friends have concurred, especially at the price. No problems parking, quick in and out, and always grateful for the A/C.

We’ve asked amigos what their favorite items are at these Big Box stores in Puerto Vallarta, and here is what we discovered: Nearly everyone loves the beer, wine and liquor selections, and prices. Meat is high on the list, especially for the pre-marinated arrachera and USDA grade steaks. Cheese! Cheddar, like the kind that comes from Tillamook, sharp in white and yellow. Goat, camembert and Manchego, too.

Some items we didn’t know: Costco’s soups – minestrone, and tomato/basil; Sam’s large jar of olives stuffed with anchovies; dried figs, when in stock at both stores; large bags of Cacahuates Japoneses, which are peanuts coated in wheat flour with a spicy flavor and deep-fried to create a cracker nut; glad to know these awesome snacks come in large supply. You can also get half-and-half at Costco, which is hard to find in Puerto Vallarta.

Other top choices are frozen organic berries; Kirkland brand tuna; gigantic bags of dog and cat food (found at both stores); all fresh produce, berries and cherry tomatoes; bulk toilet paper; truffles, trees and turkeys for the winter holidays; unshelled peanuts and cashews are big hits. Customers also love the flowers, mostly roses at Costco because they endure and are amazingly inexpensive.

We recommend making your own tour of these fine stores; it’s a great multi-generational outing!

Que es cómo es.

Thanks to our Guest Blogger Adam Garcia for this great article!  (Opinions expressed are his own…)

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