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Don’t Litter with Litters

Most visitors know nothing about the pet population in Puerto Vallarta. They are aware of dogs on the beach, cats on the island in the middle of town but what is really surprising is how little the people who live here are aware of the exponential animal growth and how out of control it is. There are groups who are intent on changing this, as well as cracking down on breeders. Sensible breeding does take place but puppy mills, especially for popular breeds such as chihuahuas and pit bulls continue to add to an ongoing problem in Puerto Vallarta. It is against the law to sell dogs and if you are approaching by anyone with puppies for sale, turn your immediate attention to the police. They will dispatch the perpetrator will no delay. Authorities want to help control this situation just as much as true animal lovers.

One thing that sets us off and gets our tongue lashing is seeing someone with a dog who has his testicles completely intact. This is a common occurrence in young people who simple don’t get it, but we find a lot of their elders, especially men, are hesitant to have a dog (or a cat) neutered. They have been misled by some awry thinking about the pet’s masculinity. In fact, neutering does nothing to affect maleness but the unneutered dog does run a much higher risk of canine testicle cancer. It is more common than the general public is aware.

Groups in Puerto Vallarta have been working on this issue for years. We see the majority of these animals in neighborhoods where owners are obviously not in a position to run off to the vet at every opportunity, and having an animal “fixed” will most likely cost money needed for family groceries. There are free clinics with this situation in mind. Anyone can bring Fido and/or Fifi and though a donation is appreciated, it is not required. The intention is to keep the family pet, and the street cats and dogs from reproducing.

The Colina Clinic is funded by the owner of a local beach restaurant and takes place every Saturday. The Peace Clinic is a local coalition, who uses a mobile unit, going to different neighborhoods four days, Wednesday through Saturday. The Rio Cuale Clinic is the first Monday of every month at the Cultural Center. Sponsors are very dedicated to these programs and donations are very much appreciated. The animals are in the care of well trained technicians and doctors. There are a lot of volunteers and it seems to be a popular pastime for visitors who like to help the community while they vacation.

Adoption is the best option, regardless of what country you live or visit, keeping in mind the shocking amount of animals that are euthanized on a daily basis.

Que es cómo es.

Thanks to our Guest Blogger Adam Garcia for this great article!  (Opinions expressed are his own…)

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