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Vegetarian Restaurants

Many years ago we were delighted when Planeta Vegetariano opened on the north side of Our Lady of Guadalupe Cathedral. It was a great choice to treat our vegetarian friends and at the time it opened, there was nothing like it in Puerto Vallarta. Their buffet had a great variety and the place has always been clean and inviting. The best chile relleno to be found and beans you can eat forever. You’ll find them at Iturbide 270.

Presently, there are many more choices and they’re spread from one end of town to the other. We name a few here.

A personal favorite is Planet Detox on Prisciliano Sánchez, the road directly south of Costco that takes you to Pitillal. They have a varied menu with lots of surprises, plus cold pressed juices, smoothies, and excellent desserts. If you’re looking for non-dairy, this is an awesome place for sweets. They are in Colonia Las Moras, at Calle Prisciliano 519.

The Yogi Bar in the Marina has amazing bowls, for breakfast and lunch. Bowls are a relatively new thing, and we love them for the fact we can add or subtract ingredients according to taste. Those with berries and açaí are our favorites and very filling. The sandwiches and waffles at the yogi bar are to over the top and for a quick pick me up, they have shots (just like tequila, only healthier options) for anti-inflammatory and energy. Service is very friendly and accommodating.

For some excellent gluten free selections, check out The Green Place in Colonia 5 de Deciembre. Located at Honduras 309, they are open for breakfast and lunch, plus they do wonderful workshops on vegan cooking and the vegan diet. This is where you can learn to eat vegan, be totally sustained, and love your meals.

Many restaurants in Puerto Vallarta offer vegetarian and vegan options on their menus. El Erizo de Mau in Old Town on Pino Suarez 232 is open for dinner until 11 pm and has almost all five star reviews. El Erizo is only one example of establishments where one can find delicious and well prepared dishes that are vegetarian, plus gluten and dairy free. More restaurants in Puerto Vallarta are finding it’s a good idea to appeal to all appetites. Where we were once well known for ceviche and steak houses, we now have offerings for more sustainability. İBuen provecho!

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