Picture of Travel Advisor: Vanessa Cole

Travel Advisor: Vanessa Cole

The owner of the company, Vanessa Cole, lived in Puerto Vallarta for 10 years and Cancun for 2 years. She has worked in Luxury Villa Rentals since 2001.

Solar Energy Is Harnessed In Puerto Vallarta

Solar Energy in Puerto Vallarta: Solar energy is not new. It was discovered and developed in 1839. Because coal was available by mining and created a lot of jobs, solar took a back burner to other forms of energy. When science and the general public began to be aware of the impact of oil and coal retrieval and their uses on the environment, solar was back in the forefront, getting much more attention. In 1881, the first real solar panel was produced by Charles Fritts, who discovered that dim, diffused light was capable of producing energy, as well as exposure to bright sunlight. The real breakthroughs didn’t occur however until the early 1940’s when Russell Ohl patented the solar cell design that has been adapted for the types of panels that are in use today.

It takes more than one panel to produce any efficient amount of energy, so most installations require several modules. Solar power in Puerto Vallarta becomes more popular with time and the price becomes more affordable. Most owners of these systems are amazingly delighted to receive their monthly power bills, and the cost of installation has become more reasonable with competition.

Developed structures will usually require a number of modules, to be determined by the size of the space being serviced; plus an inverter; a battery pack for storage, which is optional; interconnection wiring; and a solar tracking device, which is also optional but recommended.

We’ve heard of some people who’ve bought the equipment in the USA, carted it down, and found someone to do the installation here in Puerto Vallarta; however that’s not necessary. There are several reputable and reliable companies in the greater Puerto Vallarta area. We suggest you consult with a minimum of three, letting them know up front that you are getting competitive bids. Don’t go with the lowest bid; it may not be the best or worth your money. More importantly, make sure the company you hire will be willing and able to help with the coordination with CFE (the electric company). Before you get started, gather your past bills and have them handy for your installer. If you don’t have them for any reason, they are available on the CFE website and printable. Do your due diligence and ask about brand, origin of manufacturer, guarantees and warranties, extra equipment, KWH-per-area ratio, and cost of installation. Make sure to ask questions and keep notes. We’ve heard of homes having bills as little as 25 pesos, which we’ve been informed is the minimum.

This is a lifetime investment and worth every peso, recoverable in as short at time as two or three years. It’s good for your resale value, too.

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Thanks to our guest blogger Adam Garcia for this article!  (opionons expressed are his own)


About Vacation Villas of Mexico Founder, Vanessa Cole

The founder of the company, Vanessa Cole, lived in Puerto Vallarta for 10 years and in Cancun for 2 years. She has worked in Luxury Vacation Villa Rentals since 2001.

Originally from San Antonio, Texas, Vanessa earned a degree from the University of Texas in Austin, majoring in International Business and Latin American Studies.  Fluent in Spanish, she has worked and traveled all over Mexico and South America.

This is the type of experience you can count on to assist you with your vacation villa rental in Mexico…. 


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