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Whales In Vallarta Are Always A Thrill No Matter What Age You Are

The Whales Are Back! – A friend who owns a panga (outboard skiff) called us with great excitement the other day. The whales have returned to Banderas Bay in Puerto Vallarta and the friend was thrilled to relate their first sighting. Did we want to go out on Saturday? Cancel all plans. Whale watching is, …

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Getting Around Do you need a car in Puerto Vallarta? That’s very debatable, and the opinions on this issue are as varied as the assorted experiences. We’ve known many expats who’ve driven their US and Canadian cars to Puerto Vallarta and gone through the arduous process of getting them “Mexicanized.” We’ve done this ourselves with …

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Puerto Vallarta News: Nuevo Vallarta

Nuevo Vallarta Oftentimes we have disappointed tourists who thought they were coming to Puerto Vallarta but found themselves in Nuevo Vallarta instead. This happens because most travel agents haven’t been here themselves to know the difference. Vallarta equals Vallarta on paper and they seem pretty darn close on a map. Nuevo Vallarta, using the name, …

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Gringos Newcomers to Puerto Vallarta are often surprised by how freely the label gringo is tossed around. They liken it to other labels that are seen to be derogatory and in some cases, racist. The word gringo long ago lost its power to insult, and is now how many foreigners have come to describe themselves. Perhaps it’s like the …

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Puerto Vallarta Beach News: Changing Times

Who’s Changing Mexico? As we watch Puerto Vallarta continue to grow on an annual basis, it’s clear, there are people moving here from all over the world. There’s no doubt as to where they are coming from, though who are they? According to the Pew Research Center, hundreds of thousands of Mexicans are returning to …

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